Friday, January 20, 2012

Ritchieisms Volume 4

Me: When the boys want to do something, I want to make sure never to tell them they can't. 
Ritchie: I'm going to need that put into context. 
Me: Like, if Max wasn't very good at Math but wanted to major in it in college we wouldn't say "math isn't really your strength.. maybe you should consider something different"
Ritchie: Oh, no - I would never say that. 
Me: Okay, good. I just want to encourage them and remain positive. 
Ritchie: I would tell him that Math was a dumb major. Is that allowed? 

This is what happens when Ritchie gets ahold of the camera. 


Ritchie: You should start a thing on your blog.... "show your butt, Friday."

So, ladies.. what do you think? Show your butt, anyone?

1 comment:

Melodee said...

Jamie I tagged you on my blog in a little game, hope you can play
xo Melodee

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