Saturday, October 24, 2009

1 month old

Today Maxton officially entered his second month of life. Yes, that's right. My baby boy is already 1 month old *tear*. I just can't believe that a whole month has gone by. We are enjoying all of the precious moments with him that we can now because we know all too soon he'll be big and running around refusing to cuddle with us.

Max hit his first big milestone this month - tracking us with his eyes. This first happened on October 16. He locked eyes with me and when I moved he followed me! I was so excited to be getting this eye contact and interaction that I spent the next 30 minutes trying to get him to look at me more! haha!

Maxton's 1 Month Stats:
Weight: 9 pounds 0 ounces
Height: 22 inches

Maxton has proved to be an excellent eater, sleeper (well, except for the grunting), and cuddler. We can't wait to learn more about him as the months go on!

We are so in love with you, Max!!

A trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

This year we started our new tradition of going to Uesugi's Pumpkin Patch to gather our pumpkins for carving. Max turned 1 month old today so obviously he had no idea we were even there - but we got some great pictures and can't wait to carve our pumpkins for our first Halloween as a family!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Two whole weeks?!

My baby boy is two weeks tomorrow already?! In some ways it's gone by blissfully slow, but in another way it's flying by all too quickly. These two weeks have been filled with many things. We are slowly learning what makes Maxton tick and how to accommodate his growing needs. He had his first sponge bath, gave us 5 hours of sleep, peed on us more times than we can count already, and had many visitors in his first two weeks. Even when he's screaming or refusing to latch on I just look at him and he'll make a silly little face or give me those big blue eyes and I'll just laugh or melt and all of the frustration goes away. Here are a few pictures of his first two weeks:

Can you tell he loves to cuddle with his momma?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rub a dub dub, it's Max in the tub!

Well, not really IN the tub, but close enough. We gave Maxton his first sponge bath on his 6th day of life, September 30, 2009. He HATED it! haha! Poor little guy. Hopefully he likes his real baths after his umbilical cord falls off better....

Nice and calm before his bath...

Screaming while receiving his bath...
And a little happier once it's over!

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