Monday, April 1, 2013

"Have You Always Known You Wanted to Adopt?"

Whenever I tell people that we're adopting they always ask me, "Did you always want to adopt?" or, "What makes you want to adopt?" Those are definitely the two most commonly asked questions and so, I am answering them today.

I think I was in High School when I heard somewhere that girls in China are given up for adoption so that the family could try for a boy. China had restrictions on how many children they could have and boys were coveted. This broke my heart and right then and there I resolved that someday, somehow I would adopt one of those unwanted baby girls from China.

Ritchie and I discussed adoption early in our relationship and it was always left up to, "We'll see what happens, but we'd love to do that someday". Adoption is expensive, plain and simple and the many times we really began to look into it we didn't meet the requirements for a China adoption. Our conversations never went much further than that.

Fast forward. Two beautiful boys later and the discussion of more babies begins. I had been following another blogger,  Ashley Ann's, story about bringing home her daughter with a cleft lip and palate from China through the Waiting Child program. The Waiting Child program specializes in placing children with special needs from China into families. It lit a little fire inside of me. That seed that had been planted all those years ago in High School began to sprout. I began to slowly research a China adoption again and, this time, we fit the requirements. Coincidentally, I began to look into agencies that catered to the Waiting Child program in China, found a reputable one locally and immediately spoke with several local families that had used and loved that agency.

 photo DSC_0184-4_zps24c3a58b.jpg
Our boys that cannot wait to bring home their baby sister.

A deeper discussion began. Ritchie quickly fell in love with the idea of bringing home a baby from the Waiting Child program, which was something we hadn't considered before in our previous adoption discussions. The more we talked and researched and sought out other families that had adopted, the more we longed to begin the process. The more we began to feel like our daughter was out there and we NEEDED to get her home.

And so we began. Beginning the adoption process without all the funds you need readily available for you takes a huge leap of faith. We know we have a daughter in China waiting for us. We're trusting we'll somehow get her to us. Faith.

 photo DSC_0227-1_zps6c2c0ed0.jpg
Our family. Soon to be five. Five sounds awesome to me.

One way we're working to get her home is by trying to ease some of the many expenses with fundraising.  My amazingly generous friend Gemma has helped me organize a Stella & Dot fundraiser. For the entire month of April, for any purchase made through Gemma's Stella & Dot website, 100% of the proceeds go to our adoption. 100% of the money made goes to BRINGING OUR BABY GIRL HOME. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for friends like Gemma who are so generously helping us raise funds.

There are 3 ways you can help us bring our girl home.

1. Click on the link below and make a purchase through Gemma's Stella & Dot website.

Gemma's Site!

Make sure to go to the top where it says, "Find Your Hostess" and type in Jamie Lincoln. 

2.  Don't need jewelry, but still want to help? We're accepting Paypal donations through a link on my blog. Any donation, big or small is valuable and appreciated.

3. Spread the word! Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, your own blog. Any way you're willing to help spread the word is SO helpful.

Furthermore, there's a giveaway!! Gemma is offering a $50 gift card to her website if you make a purchase in April OR if you donate on my blog.

All you need to do to enter the giveaway is make your purchase in April through Gemma's site or donate on my blog:

Even better? For every $5 you donate or spend at Stella & Dot you get 1 entry. Spend $20? 4 entries! Donate $50, 10 entries! Up your chances of winning with every $5 that you spend/donate.

Visit my blog and leave a comment saying which way you contributed to our adoption and you'll be entered! A winner will be chosen at random on May 1.

Updated to add:

My friend Dana has contacted me and wants to help, too! She's offering me 20% of her proceed for Mary Kay products through the entire month of April! Click on her link to order some awesome skin care and beauty products and help support our adoption!

Dana's Mary Kay Site! 

She's also putting anyone who spends $40 or over into a drawing for something special at the end of the month!

Thanks so much to Dana, Gemma and EVERYONE who supports our adoption. Let's get our girl home!

Updated AGAIN:

Another fabulous friend has offered to donate 100% of her proceeds for the month of April for Pampered Chef!

Mindy's Pampered Chef Site! 

I'm entering ANYONE who buys from any of these sites into the Stella & Dot giveaway as well as those who donate directly on the blog. Remember, every $5 towards a purchase or donation gives you one entry!

Thank you all for taking the time to read my story and support our adoption!


Hilary said...

Hey Jamie,
I'm truly inspired by your adoption story. Just went on Stella & Dot and placed an order. Hope it helps a little bit! Best of luck to you and your family.


Beth Cupitt said...

congratulations! check out our site,, for a fundraiser as well. we have an asia site and families have raised thousands in a week.

Amber said...

This is incredible! I'm so excited for you guys. There's a little girl in Griffin's class who's parents adopted her from China last year. We just went to her rollerskating showcase! Needless to say, she's adjusting very well. I'm going to have to visit my neighbor's stella and dot selection. :)

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