Monday, February 16, 2009

More House Updates

Here are some pictures of the bedroom after the second time we painted! 

Here is the corner window now...
Here it was before:
Here's the entrance to the bathroom now:
Here it was before:
Here is the new vanity area:
Here is the old vanity area:
Here is the new bed area:
Here is the old one:

Once again we have to thank Kirstie and Nick for all of the color ideas! We love our new, warmer space and can't wait to add some of the finishing touches! 

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yearning for Spring (or better yet Summer)

So, I'm freezing cold. My husband won't let me turn the heater up past 68 degrees (may as well be -2) and we're still a good 2 months away from some consistently warm weather. Sure, I shouldn't complain. I know people in upstate New York and Michigan who are being bombarded with snow. But, honestly, once we pass Christmas (okay, New Year's) I can just pass on the whole Winter thing. I like it for about a month. I know we have our nice days but I would love to be able to sit on my couch without socks, slippers, sweatshirts, a blanket, and seriously considering getting gloves. 

Just a little bitch fest. Now you're all clear on where I stand about the weather. Come on sunshine! 
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