Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baby Shower #1

Saturday July 25 was my first baby shower thrown by my mom! It was a gorgeous day and we got to enjoy some delicious Mexican food at Pedros in Los Gatos. There was about 25 people who were very generous towards Max and "showered" him with gifts! haha! My mom did a wonderful job putting on this event and I am so grateful to everyone who came and celebrated with me!

The greatest of all friends, Kim and me!
And here I am with my two closest friends, Kim and Kirstie! I don't think I could survive without these two!
Gift time!

Shannon and Bella came to celebrate!
Me and the host!
And here's a shot of the 30 week belly and Kirstie's 10 week belly!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

3D of our little man!

So today was the big day that we got to have a sneak peek at our little guy whose been causing all the ruckus in there! haha! He wasn't super cooperative because he seems to enjoy facing my backside where it's difficult to see him. The umbilical cord was also right in front of his face for many of the pictures. Once the umbilical cord moved, he put his hand there! They were having me try all sorts of fun things to get him into the right position and we were able to get a few good pics, but we definitely determined that he's already strong willed!

He looked like he was laughing in there!! Good to know he found our difficulties so amusing!
My mom, Terry, and Kim were able to join us today for the viewing. My dad was bummed to miss it, but stayed home because he's been very ill. Ritchie's family decided they wanted to be surprised to see all his features for the first time at his birth. The small group was perfect though as we could all gather around the smaller, clearer screen to get a good view. All in all, it was a fun experience!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pregnancy Update

It's time for another update since I'm officially in the 3rd trimester! Only 11 weeks to go until this little munchkin is being evicted from my uterus!

Well here's my list of pregnancy gripes:

1. My ribs now officially hurt and they hurt even more when he kicks them.
2. It's difficult to sleep - perhaps preparing me for his arrival?
3. I may have Gestational Diabetes. I'm currently testing my blood sugar levels (or BS levels as Ritchie and I like to joke) and they are sometimes a little high. I'm hoping that when I go talk to the gestational diabetes counselors next week that they allow me to try to modify my diet and that I can keep it under control that way without medication. I seem to be only slightly high and that's only when I've had a TON of carbs. We'll see and I'll make sure to update about that!
4. I'm officially moving slower than I've ever moved before. One mile takes about 30 minutes.
5. One word: HORMONES. I'm a wreck. I can cry for no reason at all and then laugh about it!

Here are the joys of pregnancy for me:

1. Feeling him move is amazing! He's a wiggler for sure and I just love to feel his rolls and punches and kicks. He stops when daddy puts his hand there to feel, which further leads me to believe that Ritchie is going to be able to soothe him better than me (grrrrr.....).
2. I love seeing him on ultrasounds. Next weekend is our 3D and I just can't wait!!
3. Preparing for the little guy is SO much fun! We've been working on the nursery and organizing the house. It just amazes me to know that soon he'll be here making use of these!
4. I love the pregnant community I've come across. I take a pregnancy yoga class and also just started birthing classes. It's been such a relief to talk to other pregnant women about what they are going through and how it's not just me feeling down sometimes.
5. For now I have NO UTI!!! It's a first this pregnancy and I'm probably more excited about that than anything! Woo-hoo!!!

Here I am 1 week ago at 27 weeks:

Quinn is here!

My wonderful friend Kimberly gave birth to her son, Quinn on June 22 at 9:57 p.m. He is so darn cute and it made me so excited to meet our very own son! Kimberly did an awesome job and made labor and delivery look so easy!! Here are just a few pictures from the special day:

Quinn just shy of 2 weeks old:
Uncle Ritchie and Quinn:
Aunt Jamie and Quinn:
The new proud parents and their son:

Okay, so I can't figure out how to move the pictures, so they aren't in the best order! Sorry!

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