Saturday, July 18, 2009

3D of our little man!

So today was the big day that we got to have a sneak peek at our little guy whose been causing all the ruckus in there! haha! He wasn't super cooperative because he seems to enjoy facing my backside where it's difficult to see him. The umbilical cord was also right in front of his face for many of the pictures. Once the umbilical cord moved, he put his hand there! They were having me try all sorts of fun things to get him into the right position and we were able to get a few good pics, but we definitely determined that he's already strong willed!

He looked like he was laughing in there!! Good to know he found our difficulties so amusing!
My mom, Terry, and Kim were able to join us today for the viewing. My dad was bummed to miss it, but stayed home because he's been very ill. Ritchie's family decided they wanted to be surprised to see all his features for the first time at his birth. The small group was perfect though as we could all gather around the smaller, clearer screen to get a good view. All in all, it was a fun experience!

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the hamms said...

AHH he looks so happy. Course I would be to if you were going to be my mommy

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