Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pregnancy Update

It's time for another update since I'm officially in the 3rd trimester! Only 11 weeks to go until this little munchkin is being evicted from my uterus!

Well here's my list of pregnancy gripes:

1. My ribs now officially hurt and they hurt even more when he kicks them.
2. It's difficult to sleep - perhaps preparing me for his arrival?
3. I may have Gestational Diabetes. I'm currently testing my blood sugar levels (or BS levels as Ritchie and I like to joke) and they are sometimes a little high. I'm hoping that when I go talk to the gestational diabetes counselors next week that they allow me to try to modify my diet and that I can keep it under control that way without medication. I seem to be only slightly high and that's only when I've had a TON of carbs. We'll see and I'll make sure to update about that!
4. I'm officially moving slower than I've ever moved before. One mile takes about 30 minutes.
5. One word: HORMONES. I'm a wreck. I can cry for no reason at all and then laugh about it!

Here are the joys of pregnancy for me:

1. Feeling him move is amazing! He's a wiggler for sure and I just love to feel his rolls and punches and kicks. He stops when daddy puts his hand there to feel, which further leads me to believe that Ritchie is going to be able to soothe him better than me (grrrrr.....).
2. I love seeing him on ultrasounds. Next weekend is our 3D and I just can't wait!!
3. Preparing for the little guy is SO much fun! We've been working on the nursery and organizing the house. It just amazes me to know that soon he'll be here making use of these!
4. I love the pregnant community I've come across. I take a pregnancy yoga class and also just started birthing classes. It's been such a relief to talk to other pregnant women about what they are going through and how it's not just me feeling down sometimes.
5. For now I have NO UTI!!! It's a first this pregnancy and I'm probably more excited about that than anything! Woo-hoo!!!

Here I am 1 week ago at 27 weeks:

1 comment:

Geoff and McCaulie said...

Can I just say that I love "this little munchkin is being evicted from my uterus!" You had me laughing hysterically at work!!

As always, you look stunning!

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