Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ritchieisms Volume 3

Me: Am I going to be disappointed tomorrow on my birthday?
Ritchie: It's like I tell many women... if you adjust your expectations you'll never be disappointed.
Me: So, basically... yes.
Ritchie: I think you should not get your hopes up and look at my track record.
Me: I'm going to blog about you.
Ritchie: You should. I'm sure there are 27 other women (the number of followers I have) who will totally understand what you're going through.

He sounds like an ass, but really I was laughing the entire time. Happy birthday to me (tomorrow!)

1 comment:

The Burger Family said...

Yep Richie your screwedontnis one, we all do agree with her:) lol Jamie have a wonderful happy irthday!!

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