Friday, January 20, 2012

2 Years and 3 Months

I need to write all of these things about Max before I forget them. Everyday is something new with this one and so much is changing so quickly that I want it burned in my brain how he is right now. The problem is that I'm not sleeping and the days are a blur and I know it will all be forgotten if I don't get it out. Please excuse the random stream of consciousness style while I just get it documented.


Max is still cautious. Oh, so careful. He doesn't like to branch out far from us and has to warm to people slowly, especially other children. Once you're in, he's a dedicated fan for life, but the process can be lengthy.

His favorite color right now is purple. Everything purple he gets really excited about. Purple balls, purple airplanes, purple items in books, purple, purple, purple. I think it's pretty darling that he has an obvious favorite color right now.

The eating situation with Max is horrendous. He's always hanging out in the pantry and asking for food, but doesn't want anything that's offered unless it's ice cream or cake or chocolate covered anything. He'll eat fruit and certain crackers but chicken or veggies is absolutely out of the question. We're working on it.


His thing right now is to put the cars DVD on the floor and run in circles near it. This usually takes place in the living room, but if I go to the kitchen to prep a meal he brings the DVD and places it in front of the fridge and runs in the kitchen. I don't know why that DVD has to be there while he runs in circles, but we're guessing that he's pretending to be lightening McQueen since we hear the occasional "Ka-Chow!" from him.

Cars is his FAVORITE.


Stories are another favorite activity for him but only if he reads them himself. He loves to memorize the books and "sit on my lap mommy" (this means him sitting on our laps) and read them to us.

Still obsessed with airplanes and helicopters. He also loves getting "coffee donuts" for breakfast (Starbucks) and the drive thru one we go to is near the airport so it's dually exciting for him.

He's also loving the cleaning supplies like vacuums and brooms. He get's SO excited about the adult sized ones, but has toy ones that he likes to clean with also.


He's a complete parrot and repeats everything we say. We've let a few "crap"s and other naughty words fly and he's said them. Whoops!

He also says "okay" all the time. Example:

Me: Max, would you like a snack?
Max: OKAY!

Max: Wanna show me something, okay?

Max: Give it to me the milk, okay?

Ahh... two year old sentences might be my favorite.

He also says "I'm so excited" like this:

Max: So excited the blue vacuum!! (while my friend Kim gave him the big blue vacuum to push around)


He still is the sweetest kid I think I've ever met. He's sensitive and smart and loving. He's great for snuggles. As far as two year olds go, I think we have it pretty easy with this one. I cannot wait to watch him grow more.



Carly said...

He sounds like the sweetest little boy. So glad you're documenting all of these little things.

Melodee said...

he is a cutie patutie, love those rosy cheeks:)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Could your boys be any cuter! Loving all these pictures and you blog :)

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