Sunday, January 1, 2012

Project 365 - 2012

I'm going to take on something BIG this year. I've always longed to be better about taking pictures of the boys; be more savvy with the camera and editing. I hear time and time again that the single best way to do this is to just TAKE MORE PICTURES. Take them everyday. Play around with your editing program - really get to know it. So, this year is THE year. I'm doing project 365 by my own rules. My subjects will be my family. My children mostly. I am committing to take at least one photo of both Max and Ben each day. I'm also going to edit that photo unless it happens to be so fan-freaking-tastic straight off the camera that it doesn't need editing. I can't imagine a better time in our lives to do this. The boys are growing and changing each and every day. It makes me giddy to think that in one year I'll look back and be able to witness a daily development in each of my boys. So, as if that's not big enough a challenge (and joy) in and of itself, I'm also going to commit to one instagram photo. I'm going this for two reasons. 1. I'm obsessed. LOVE me some instagram. And, 2. This broadens the scope a bit for me. If I love a coffee cup, I can photograph it and include it in my project - it doesn't have to be a photo of the boys.

So here it is! Day 1.

Max - playing in his jammies.

Ben - THIS is why I'm doing this. I see beauty so much in the everyday and want to get better at capturing it. This was a precious nugget of a moment between Ben and his daddy this morning. So SO glad I got this.

Instagram - Ben's jeans label. Nothing cuter than baby jeans. NOTHING. Well, except maybe the babies that wear them.

And, dudes - keep me accountable for this, mkay? I REALLY want to do this so if you could join me or pitch a fit when I skip a day or gush over your favorites to keep me going it would be really awesome.

Thanks for reading!

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