Sunday, September 26, 2010

These are the good days

Our sweet baby boy turned one on Friday. It was a fantastic day filled with memory making events and love. First we had breakfast at Stacks where we all munched on pancakes and yummy breakfast treats!

Then it was home to nap and get ready for the day. Max got to try out his new big boy table.

Then it was time to complete a project we procrastinated on until it finally just made more sense to do it at the one year mark.

Yay! Handprints and footprints of our big one year old!

Next we went to Build-A-Bear so Maxton could make his very own puppy to love. Unfortunately it was quite traumatizing for him because the puppy fluffing machine was so loud. It's okay though because he got to put TWO hearts into his puppy. That made it all better.
One more nap down and we loaded up to go to Max's Restaurant in Palo Alto. It was a gorgeous evening of great food and our very own Max's first taste of cake.

The following day brought his birthday party. Ritchie and I had worked hard on the details and it was a bit stressful making sure everything fell into place (and accommodating the ridiculous heat) but in the end it was worth it!

Max was in a fantastic mood for the whole party! He crawled around, ate, played, and loved every bite of his cake!

My family outside of Papa and Grammy's house. They each had a special role in making this day possible. I'm so grateful to have them to love Maxton.

Our big one year old boy. We couldn't love you more.

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Patrick and Kimberly Gillette said...

Happy birthday, Maxton! Please know that the tardiness of your present in no way represents the love we have for you! :) Thank you for being so great at documenting the festivities. It's nice to feel connected even though there are states separating us. :( Love you all!!

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