Saturday, September 11, 2010

LLCC Day 11

Yesterday was tough because I went out to lunch with my mom. My first time out to a restaurant while counting calories. Man, do they make it challenging. Most of my lunches and dinners are anywhere from 250 - 350 calories. The LOWEST thing on the menu at California Pizza Kitchen was a cup of soup for 361 calories. So, needless to say, lunch was a high calorie meal. I decided to just eat the rest of the day the way I normally would (including my nighttime treat) and just make peace with being over my allotted calories due to going out.

Allotment: 1150

Breakfast: About 200
1 cup cheerios
1/2 cup milk
1/2 banana

Lunch: About 850
1 cup tortilla soup
1 side ceasar salad with shrimp

Dinner: About 240
olive oil

Snacks: About 530
100 calorie popcorn
3 graham crackers
1 pudding cup
skinny cow ice cream sandwich

yikes. So I was over today by about 330 calories despite having 350 extra calories worth of walking allotted in there. Going out to restaurants is HARD. We'll be staying away as much as possible until the end of the month at least. Today I'm feeling very inclined to embrace my body and eat whatever I want again because I'm feeling tortured and sad that I couldn't eat pancakes for breakfast. More on that later when I do today's log.

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