Saturday, September 4, 2010

LLCC Day 4&5

I skipped last night because I was feeling like cozying up with my main squeeze for a movie and some popcorn (yes, I worked it in!!) so here was yesterday's log:

Daily allotment: 1193

Breakfast: About 225 Calories
1 cup of Go Lean Crunch
1/2 cup 2% milk
1/3 of Kiwi

Lunch: About 350 Calories
Left over stew

Dinner: About 300 Calories
Tomato, spinach, mozzarella, and avocado salad with 1/4 tbls of olive oil

Snacks: About 330 Calories
1/8 cup almonds with Yoplait light yogurt
Shared a McDonald's Vanilla Ice cream with Max and Ritchie - so 50 calories for me!
Popcorn WITH butter air popped - 90 calories (shared with Ritchie)

Yesterday I walked for 30 minutes. I also went grocery shopping yesterday so you'll notice different menu items - finally! I can only repeat things for about a week before I start to lose my mind. For whatever reason a few things dawned on me today that I'm hoping will make this less torturous for me (because, yes. It's feeling like torture)

Let me start by telling you that today (at Target) I was picking out lovely 100 - 150 calorie treats because I'm finding that I always have roughly 150 - 200 calories left at the end of the day and it's the perfect way to fit in a treat. I won't survive this without incorporating things like popcorn, ice cream, and chocolate. That's when I saw them. M&Ms. Not just any M&Ms. Autumn M&Ms. Delicious and seasonal? I had to have them. Every fiber of my being wanted those M&Ms. Not the little bag, no. The BIG bag. I had all of these rationalizations. I want to be one of those households with a cute little pumpkin candy dish that holds seasonal M&Ms. Why can't I have that? I'm not that fat. I need treats, or I'll never survive. Okay, so I'm reading the calories and there are 200 in 1/4 cup. Awesome! I can totally limit myself to 1/4 cup a day and just work it in.... I'm saying all of these very things to Ritchie and he's just holding strong and shaking his head at me. So I put the bag down. And proceed to have a total meltdown. I'm in Target, in the checkout line, near probably 100 big bags of seasonal M&Ms and I'm near tears. I think I actually said to Ritchie, "I'm DONE. I don't want to do this diet thing anymore." This is whiny and teary-eyed. Ritchie just looks at me - stone cold and serious and says, "It's not a diet."

So, that was it. I did not get the M&Ms. I did not fall on the floor and kick my feet and pound my fists on the ground. In the car we talked about ways to beat intense urges like that. For Ritchie, he can't even have it around. I want to know that I can still work those things in and one way to do that is exercise more. I get calories back for exercising so that's my plan. I can have more delicious things if I exercise more daily. Okay, I can live with that.

And, of course (TMI warning here) I get my period today. So, that's it. I actually survived my first LLCC pre-menstrual breakdown. I was craving chocolate and didn't give in. Didn't buy the 200-calories-for-such-a-minuscule-portion-seasonaly-delicious M&Ms. I did, however, sneak 2 hershey chocolate bars into the cart and they managed to make their way home. Those are a much better buy because one WHOLE bar is 210 calories and I will work it in occasionally with extra exercise. One big step forward, one tiny step back. Can't win em' all.

So here's the log for today: LLCC Day 5

Allotment: 1193

Breakfast: About 185 Calories
1/2 cup cheerios
1/2 cup go lean
1/2 cup 1 % milk
(part of what I learned is that if I can omit the fruit at breakfast and use 1% milk instead of 2% I will save almost 20 calories, which is like 1/10 of that Hershey Bar. Or approximately 2 M&Ms)

Lunch: About 240 Calories
Oroweat thins sandwich
- Turkey
- Swiss
- Tomato
- Cucumber
- Bell Pepper
- 1/8 Avocado

Dinner: About 320 Calories
1/2 huge hamburger patty (5.5 ounces)

Snacks: So far about 190 Calories
2 Graham Crackers
1/2 mango

I still need to have my afternoon snack and my after dinner treat factored in. I took a short walk this morning with gave me an extra 45 calories today. The whole family is feeling a bit under the weather so we're having a lazy day. I'll probably up the exercise next week. Probably :)

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