Thursday, September 16, 2010

LLCC Day 17 and a Confession

Confession: We had Chipotle last night. We split a bowl to skip out on the tortilla and to share the calories - so it was only 330 calories each. It still felt really good to enjoy some carby, meaty goodness. Haha! Okay, another confession. I'm losing my mind. I honestly have no problem eating healthy meals and not going out as frequently, but this total calorie cut is killing me. I'm very tempted to just drop this whole thing. Or, I could go to trying to lose 1 pound a week as opposed to 2 and it would add about 500 calories a day to what I could eat. Add exercise in there and I would be able to enjoy foods I miss (like Starbucks).

Anyway, here is how today went:

Allotment: 1144

Breakfast: About 165
1 % milk

Lunch: About 165
4 oz chicken
steamed brocoli

Dinner: About 395
marinara sauce

Snacks (and here is where I royally screw everything else): About 795
Yoplait yogurt
4 graham crackers
2 ice cream sandwiches (different times of day)

Just cause I don't want ya'll thinking I sit and scarf two ice cream sandwiches in a row. I may feel deprived, but I do still have some self control :) Today I took a long walk with Ritchie and Max and I also ran 3/4 of a mile and then walked the rest of that mile. If I can somehow keep up the exercise I know I'll be much better off. Goodnight!


Tracy said...

Okay - so I am gonna give you my 2cents (unsolicited, I know) - first of all I think that you are doing a wonderful job with this, and that with the calorie allotment that you are using that it is a lot of hard work to stay within that amount of calories - and you deserve props for sticking too it! Chipotle in a bowl is fantastic - no guilt, no need for confessions!! I am a Weight Watchers girl myself, so I totally buy the "pound a week" as a safe and manageable weight loss pace. Also - are you using Sparkpeople? I wonder if WW might work for you (and I totally don't mean to be a pusher, here, lol) - not only do you have the daily points, but you also get 35 points a week to use however you want. There was definitely a learning curve as I was figuring out the points for everything, but that is manageable with regular use. I use the eTools, which is $13/mo and there are all sorts of great resources including fantastic recipes. Anyways, enough unsolicited advice from me - I still think that you are doing an amazing job with this!

The Lincolns said...

Thanks, Tracy! I love advice, unsolicited or not ;)
I have done weight watchers before and I'm using the "Lose It" program on my iphone because it's free and really straight forward. I have tried WW in the past and have had some success with it, but I don't have ANY of the stuff anymore!! Plus, Ritchie and I are doing it together so I like using a program that we can both use. He would never do WW - haha! Too girly for him :) I may very well switch to a pound a week because it would give me much more freedom and then give myself one "free" meal a week where I can go wild with whatever I want. But, I'm going to stick through this month because I said I would! Only 2 weeks left! YES!!

Tracy said...

Oh - and can I tell you how not fair the weight loss process is for men and women? Whenever I am serious about weight loss and am doing all WW friendly stuff, Mike totally drops weight like nobody's business, even though he isn't trying! Whatevs, dude. :)

BTW, even though I am a WW girl, I am more on the "invisalign diet" right now. I have to brush & floss each time I take my trays out to eat. It is such a pain in the bootie that I have stopped snacking all together and have lost about 6 - 7 lbs since I got my first set of trays about 8 weeks ago! I am about 6 lbs away from my wedding day weight, wahoo!!

The Lincolns said...

Man! I need to get me some invisaligns! Haha! And, yeah - Ritchie gets like over 500 more calories per day than I do. It's SO not fair. Not to mention he's 3 pounds from his goal and I'm 6 away from my FIRST goal. I'd like to lose 16 though. Thanks for all of the support! You're awesome :)

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