Wednesday, September 15, 2010

LLCC Day 15 & 16

Yesterday was the beginning of week 3 of the LLCC. I'm really excited to be at the halfway point and know that next week we have scheduled 2 days off to celebrate Max's birthday by eating cake and basically whatever else we want for 2 whole days!! It's what's getting me through right now. I weighed in this morning with a 1 pound weight loss and, while it's not as motivating as last week's 6.5 pound loss, it's still a loss and I'm moving in the right direction. I feel like I still have some weapons to pull out to lose weight more aggressively if need be. I'll decide after this week.

Here was yesterday's log:

Allotment: 1144

Breakfast: About 290
Oroweat thins with peanut butter

Lunch: About 365
2 meatballs

Dinner: About 350
Mushroom pizza slice from pizza my heart

Snacks: About 265
100 calorie popcorn
1/2 hershey's chocolate bar
pudding snack cup

Wonderful snacks, I know! haha! I've totally been using snacks to satiate cravings which doesn't exactly work to my advantage because I'm hungrier since those snack choices don't fill me up. It's a toss up. I feel like I'm getting what I need out of meals no problem, but I guess I have to work on snacking properly. Today is no better, just to warn you!

Today's log:

Breakfast: About 170
Oatmeal with 1 tsp brown sugar

Lunch: About 270
1 bagel thin
4 slices oscar meyer turkey
1 slice cheddar cheese
1 nectarine
tomato and pickle

Dinner: About 210
6 oz of chicken
green beans

Snacks: So far about 360
2 Graham crackers
4 of these little brownie things (not all at once - haha!) they're 60 calories each and SO freakin' delicious I could eat them all in one sitting. But, I'm not going to :)

Both days I took one walk. Today I'm hoping to get in at least one more walk. I've been having some knee issues when I work out so I haven't been. It does need to be improved on if I'm going to have the body I want, not just the weight on the scale that I want. Thanks for hanging in there with me!! Hopefully you don't dread seeing the letters L-L-C-C pop up in your reader ;)

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