Wednesday, February 29, 2012

That Time That Wednesday Totally Kicked My Ass

I wrote this last Wed/Thurs and am just getting around to editing it and posting it.

Max woke up at 3:15 a.m. laughing hysterically. He stopped after a few minutes and went back to sleep.

When he woke for the day he came into the living room and immediately got upset. After some prodding I discovered that he was upset that it wasn't Christmas. "Want a Fristmas Free" and "Time a to open da presents" were repeated in abundance.

After he got over the fact that it wasn't Christmas, he wanted his pants off. He likes to run around with a naked bottom so he can easily access the potty. However, today he was in onesie pajamas (Christmas ones, funnily enough) and whenever Ritchie would take them off he would cry "Jammies on!!" so Ritchie would put them on and he would cry, "Pants off!". Ugh. Finally I just got him dressed and loaded him in the car for preschool.

This was all before 8:00 a.m.

The rest of the morning was fine. The weather here has been AMAZING. Like, mid 70s. That's great and all, but in some sort of post partum hormonal fit I threw away ALL of my spring/summer clothing leaving me with 1 short sleeved shirt.

Clearly, I needed to shop.

So, I went to the store (Nordstrom - the only place I shop. Seriously. It's ridiculous.) and started picking out some t-shirts to try on. That's when I spotted her. Mindy. My personal stylist at Nordstrom.

Yes, you read that right. I spend SO much money at Nordstrom that they have assigned me a personal stylists. I was called a few months back and told that Mindy would be available for all of my shopping needs from here on out. I met with her once (they gave me $100 to spend if I did!) and spent entirely too much money and then proceeded to avoid her like the plague.

There's nothing wrong with Mindy. She's adorable and sweet and has fantastic taste. My issue with Mindy is that she's entirely too good at what she does. She knows what I want before I do and brings it all to me while I stay cozied up in the dressing room. "T-shirt?" she says? "That will look amazing under this adorable loose, drapey top and these cropped pants. Do you need me to have someone from shoes bring up something that will work with the outfit?"

Um, no Mindy. I spend enough money at Nordstrom all on my own, thankyouverymuch.

Anyway, today she spotted me before I posted her thus making avoiding her very difficult. She locked me up in the dressing room and brought me every single amazing item that they had and proceeded to confuse me very much.

Now, I'm in the dressing room surrounded by clothing and having this conflicted internal dialogue with myself.

"I only need some t-shirts - something for the change in weather, you know."
"But, these high waisted black cropped pants would be so cute on a date night!"
"We only have date night once a month and most of the planned activities are nothing that I need to get dressed up for."
"But I could dress them down, too - with my Toms and a t-shirt (what I freaking came for in the first place, now I had 60 to choose from)"

OMG. I know these are first world problems (um, if that, even) but I was seriously upset to be in this situation.

So, I bought the cute black pants (and the t-shirts I came for) and got the hell out of there.

How did this become a story about shopping?

Anyway, Ben and I picked Max up from preschool after our great shopping adventure and Max was crying when we got there. This isn't usual as Max loves preschool and adores his teacher and friends there. She said he had been fine all day and just started crying towards the end.

So, we went home and the crying continued. So, we ate a little snack and the crying continued. So, I put him down for nap and the crying continued. I tried to put Ben down for his nap then so I could tend to Max's crying better but Ben wouldn't fall asleep with Max crying. So, Ben started crying whilst Max's crying continued. It was 2:00. I hadn't eaten anything since 8:30 a.m. and I was STARVING. So, I let both kids wail and gobbled down a salad as quickly as humanly possible (luckily I had pre made it). It took me 3 minutes to get my blood sugar stable enough to deal with two screaming children.

However, in that 3 minutes, while scarfing said salad to regain some fuel I decided I'd better call Ritchie.

People, do not starve yourself and dial. Bad, bad idea.

I spit into the phone, "If I can't regain some control here in exactly 5 minutes you're going to have to come home and help me - I can't do this." (or something equally dramatic)

Anyway, I finally got them calmed down and apologized profusely to my sweet husband who had already left work (he turned around and went back) to help. How did I get so lucky that when I was apologizing and telling him I don't know how he puts up with me he said, "You're so worth it - and you're not even that bad!" Haha! I love him so freaking much.

So, I finally get both boys to sleep and 30 minutes later they both wake up, screaming. I got Ben and fed him and tried for 1 hour to get Max back to sleep before finally using my last resort of a fruit strip and milk in bed. He finally fell asleep after eating his snack in bed. Yeesh.

Max ended up sleeping until 6 and yet still having a horrible evening. He was just completely off all day long. He's better today, but yesterday was a nightmare. Crying, whining, nothing making him happy. It was pretty brutal. Bennett was just his usual needy self and that's challenging enough but add to it a cranky Max and it's really rough. Even Ritchie didn't know how I made it through the day when he was at home experiencing it.

Today has been better. I survived. Learned some new tools (ahem, fruit strips in bed?) and am going to put it behind me.


Update: I returned the cute black pants. I'll never wear them. They shouldn't give Nordstrom employees guns to hold to your head and force you to buy things you'll never wear.

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