Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Little Mr. B is 5 Months (plus some)


At this point he's almost 6 months, but I'm going to do my best to back up and remember what my little guy was doing in his 5th month of life (it all changes so quickly, yes?!)

Ben had his first taste of solids this month. We put pears in a mesh feeder and he, quite frankly, acted repulsed by them. I eventually got the hint and just pureed them up and he liked them much better. He's just not a fan of the texture of the mesh feeder.


We think he weighs a little over 20 pounds and he's in 6 month+ clothing. He's still hanging in a size 3 diaper, but should move up to 4s soon.

This month was BRUTAL for sleep. We could put him to sleep fairly easily at that point, but he was waking every 45 minutes - 1 hour all through the night. He basically stayed in our bed the entire night and we have to have a little heater running for white noise. We need to buy a white noise machine. Oh! And, he's still swaddled every night. Some changes were made towards the beginning of his 6th month in regards to sleep habits and I'll let you know how they're going in the 6 month post in 2 weeks (hint: we're still effing exhausted).


Bennett isn't quite sitting up yet, but can be unassisted for a little over 30 seconds. He's not yet stable enough to leave there, though. We practice sitting every day. He rolls with ease from his tummy to his back and has begun trying to tuck his legs under himself in an effort to launch himself forward. He's going to be on the move sooner than I'm ready for. I love his spunky nature.


His smile. Oh, his smile. It still melts me and sends this rush of love. I laugh every time STILL. It's been months of this and I have a feeling he'll be on the podium graduating college and he'll flash me a smile and I'll laugh out loud because his inner energy is so contagious. He's the perfect little man and we love him so very much.

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Jessica said...

I feels the same way about my little man's smile. He just has an infectious smile.

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