Thursday, March 29, 2012

2 1/2 Years of Maxton

What's Max like at 2 1/2 years?



He's funny. This kid can make us laugh. Like, coming up with REAL jokes (okay, not like knock knock jokes or anything, but still funny little observations that are like jokes). For example, we often sing "Where is Thumbkin" and the other day I asked, "Where is the carseat?" to which Max sang..."Where is carseat? Where is carseat?" We both got a pretty good laugh over that one.


He thinks EVERYTHING is silly right now. Silly mommy, silly daddy, silly Gracie, silly book, silly refrigerator... you get the picture.

He's still not very independent. Like, at all. He needs mommy to be holding his hand the majority of the day in our own home. He likes to be played with, but not to play by himself. If he randomly ventures out he quickly comes back. I catch people looking at me, appalled sometimes by what I'm "letting" him do (wander off) but I just smile right back because I know my boy will turn around and come right back within seconds. Now, watch. He'll actually wander off now that I've said this. *sigh*


He's SO into Thomas the Train. Loves any train really. We took him on a steam engine train and although he was scared of it, he still talks about it every single day.


He calls his brother Bennett. Not Ben, Bennett. Always the full name. Unless he calls him Little Brother. Like, "Hello, Little Brother" like he's really prim and proper. Then he laughs his evil cartoon laugh because, clearly it's hilarious that he's pretending to be so proper.


He's not that into art. Try as I may to bring out his creative side, he's just more analytical than artistic.

He's SUPER into music. I guess that's where his art is. He sings "The Scarecrow Song" on repeat all day and night. We love it so we join right in.

He loves junk food. And, while that's all fine and dandy, I would appreciate if he ate something green at least once a day.  I'm working on it.

He loves to count and can count to 20 with little to no help. Then it's all downhill... 22, 28, 25, 19!

He loves to sing the alphabet, too! Unless reminded, he misses H-P every single time. If reminded, he can do the whole thing! He can even randomly throw in Twinkle Twinkle since he knows it's the same tune.  It sounds like this "A-B-C-D little star, how I wonder what you are Q-R-S-T-U-V." Lovely little tune.

He's got an opinion. And he dislikes being wrong. Gee... I wonder where he gets that from? His favorite color is purple, and he frequently calls something that's blue, purple. I will say, "No, sweetie, that's blue" and he'll think about it and then say, "It's blue, PURPLE" with an emphasis on the purple. Because he knows it's blue, but won't be wrong about it being purple. Silly Max. We're now seeing this idea expand into other things. He sees a lawnmower and he calls it a leaf blower. We correct him and say it's a lawnmower - and he shoots back with "lawnmower, LEAF BLOWER". Okay, son. We get it. You don't like to be corrected :)


He's seriously the sweetest child I've ever known. Soft spoken with new people, but loud and jovial with people he's comfortable with. He shares and empathizes with kids who are crying. He always notices the criers. When he comes home from day care I get a run down of who was crying that day. I think he truly worries when other kids cry. I hope that doesn't go away. I hope he's the kid to befriend the criers and help make them laugh and feel better. He's the perfect kid for that job.

He is a joy. He drives me crazy. Sometimes I ask myself, "Why can't this kid just PLAY for a little bit by himself?!" or "Why doesn't he want to try the ride/tubing/slide/whatever one of the many things he's petrified of?!" But, that's just Max. Cautious, loving, snuggly, love the known and hates the unknown Max. We love him to pieces. I'm so so happy that he's mine. What an honor it is to be his mommy and hold his hand all day, every day.


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Carly said...

He is absolutely adorable!

I always look forward to these posts, I love hearing what you have to say about your boys.

Your Maxton sure sounds like a character!

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