Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 5- AKA Partaking in Fall pleasures with real food

Half way done! Woo-hoo!! Although I say that like it's something we'll drop after the 10 days. We discussed tonight how much we've been enjoying this! Yes, the first few days were hard (for me) but now we're both feeling great and really figuring out how to incorporate our favorite dishes by using real food to make them.

Breakfast: Shredded wheat biscuits with milk

Lunch: Whole wheat pita with hummus and veggies

Snack: 2 energy bites

Dinner: Chicken nuggets (Yes! They were actually really good! Homemade, of course.) green beans and baked sweet potato fries (Thanks, Daphne!)

Dessert: Baked apples

Dinner was SUCH a success with the wee one tonight. He LOVED those sweet potato fries despite my poor job at baking them. I WILL perfect them though because it will be worth it. He also really liked the chicken nuggets.

Here's the verdict on the apples - they're okay. Not great. The oats that I added in lieu of the brown sugar really made it a bit dry for my liking. I'll continue to work on it. For now, NO RECIPE FOR YOU (please tell me that you used the Seinfeld soup Nazi voice for that).

Besides the baked apples, Max and I made whole wheat pumpkin bread. It was sweetened with honey and I JUST tried it along with Ritchie to test it out. Um, not so good. It's definitely not sweet enough and was a tad salty. I know I need to retrain my overly sweet taste buds, but I do think this particular recipe is lacking. So, I guess to sum up, Fall pleasures are definitely lacking for me in the real food department. I can keep working on it, or I can decide (after the 10 days) to just partake in non real food Fall pleasures in moderation. Or I can do a little of both ;)

5 days left!!

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