Monday, September 26, 2011

10 Day Real Food Challenge

Another food challenge for the Lincolns!

We've signed up over at the 100 Days of Real Food Challenge blog for their 10 days of real food challenge.

It starts today. The rules are basically to eat whole, real foods. No white flower or sugar. Nothing artificial. Nothing we can't pronounce and nothing packaged can have more than 5 (real) ingredients. The challenge also encourages you to buy meats, eggs and all produce from your local growers at the Farmer's Market.

We went shopping yesterday. We bought produce, eggs, hummus and pita from the Farmer's Market. At whole foods we bought everything else. It's very true that eating healthy is more expensive. And since this is day one and I've only had breakfast I cannot yet attest to how worth it the extra cost is. We'll see. One day at a time. I will admit to you that we spent $130 for Mon-Wed of this week. We decided with so much fresh food we shouldn't try to plan for an entire week because things will go bad before we can use them. The plan is to have one of us do an additional shop on Wednesday night for Thurs - Sat's meals and then we'll shop each Sunday (farmer's market day).

We're definitely committed to the full 10 days and we'll see how we feel after that. I've run into an issue with my healing from birth that basically requires that I'm extremely (ahem) regular - if you know what I mean. Ritchie's been having some issues in this area as well (what a lovely topic for blogging this fine Monday morning!) so we really want (and/or need!) to change our eating habits to help keep things in that area on track. I'm all for moderation and tend not to like a philosophy that doesn't allow any room for treats or rule breaking because I think that sets you up to fail. However, 10 days I can do. We'll just see where to go from there.

And, of course I'll be blogging daily about it! I'll post what I eat and how I feel and maybe even a daily check in on my regularity issue (I kid, I won't do that). Follow along and feel free to join in on the challenge as well! I'd love to hear your experiences and if you have any wonderful recipes using only real foods I'd love them!!

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Daphne said...

Heyyy! Good for you guys! Sooooo proud of you for doing this and no worries, you are going to do great. :D By the way, it was super awesome seeing you yesterday. ;D

I have a bunch of recipes on my blog if you're interested in looking. :D

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