Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 6

Today is the day that I broke the pledge (hangs head in shame). I do feel like I had a legitimate reason though and I'll explain after I tell you what I ate today. I'm not going to even try to separate it into meal categories because it was all so random. Here is the order though:

Hard boiled egg
energy bites (must have had at least 6 of these throughout the day)
crackers (ak-mak)
cut raw veggies
left over chicken nuggets from last night
chocolate ice cream bar (about 3 bites before Max had such a tremendous meltdown that I just surrendered it to him)
Chipotle steak bowl (with white rice)
Maybe 3 sips of Ginger Ale
and orange

*sigh* So, notice I was doing just fine until the latter part of the day. I didn't have a real meals today - but rather just sort of snacked all day. Then, around 3, I napped and woke and went grocery shopping with my family. I hadn't eaten enough, I had nursed a lot, I probably hadn't had enough water and I am SEVERELY sleep deprived (despite the nap). Anyway, I think that combo of things in what led to my nearly passing out in the grocery store. I just all the sudden got so lightheaded that I couldn't stand anymore and had to grab Ritchie for support. Then, of course, I panicked which made me feel even worse. Ritchie picked out some ice cream bars (shooting for easy, some protein and some sugar) and I took a few bites on the way to go get Chipotle (high protein and quick - there was no way I was waiting until I got home, unloaded groceries and cooked dinner). I got the rice to make sure to have some carbs as well as proteins. I was still feeling a tad off after dinner so I had a few sips of some ginger ale we had around to get a burst of sugar in me. I must have had low blood sugar because that is what finally made me feel more normal. Ugh. So... I need to up the calories throughout the day and make sure to not go long periods of time without eating, drink more water and TRY to sleep more (Ben, are you reading this?!)

The semi good news is that the Chipotle tasted insanely salty to me and the ginger ale was grossly sweet. I think I'm losing my taste for unhealthy foods! Yay! That said, I'm bummed I didn't make it the full 10 days. I will definitely continue on (we're eating out tomorrow so that will be a challenge!) for the rest of the challenge and make the best of it. I do feel like today was an extreme circumstance and I hope to not "have" to break any of the challenge rules again. 4 more days!

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