Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Max in Bloom

I didn't go into Max's new skills or his growth and development in his two year old post. He's really taken off this past month and I couldn't be prouder. He knows letters and colors and animals. He says everyone's name now and has mastered "I love you" and "thank you" which were VERY important to me and happened to take the longest to teach him. Basically he's become a parrot and repeats everything we say. I've included a few of my favorite videos of him talking. He surprises us every day with the things he says and does.

I feel like I am seeing more and more the person that Max will be. He's always had phases of things, but as he matures I'm seeing what I would think of as "permanent traits". We'll see if I'm right about that in time, I suppose. He strikes me as very sensitive. He's super in tune with his surroundings and I'll catch him watching me or others and really listening to them. He's the kind of kid that will take a minor fall on the way to the car and then 10 minutes later while we're driving recall that fall and start crying. I'll finally get out of him that he's upset that "I fall down" and I'll have to remember that he fell 10 minutes ago and remind him that he wasn't hurt and is okay now.

He is a people pleaser and a helper. This will come in handy I hope when it comes to discipline. He often disciplines himself before he ever even does anything "bad" (I hate that. Kids aren't bad, but I lack a better word). For example, he'll put his hand up full of smashed sandwich and prepare to throw it across the room and then think about it and say, "No, Max!" and change his mind. It kind of cracks me up and makes me feel bad all at the same time. Like, I obviously say, "No, Max!" way too often if this is his go to phrase. But, I'm also rather pleased that he doesn't actually throw the food. He fetches diapers for me and then throws them away and is ALWAYS ready to help with any task I ask of him. He is happiest with an audience of people clapping for his every accomplishment. I love this about him.


In the past, Max has showed little interest in any one thing. He would sort of play with whatever and not take to anything too heavily (except his beloved binky). Now, he has his "heboca" (helicopter). This little remote controlled helicopter that my mom got him for his birthday. It's broken, thanks to Max repeatedly throwing it on the ground and off of our balcony. Anyway, this helicopter has to be within his grasp at all times. In the car, during naps, at bedtime, in the bath - everywhere! It's a permanent fixture now and I think it's pretty adorable that he has a toy that he's attached to. I do not think it's adorable when he says, "fly!" and throws it at my head.


Our world keeps changing as Max evolves and keeps us on our toes. He's so loving and sweet and we feel more in love with him each day.

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