Friday, October 28, 2011

30 Things I've Never Done

Posting my first post as I recall the past 3 decades that is my life. This post should be EASY. There is SO much I've never done. There's a ton I'd love to do, and a ton I'd die happily never having done.

So.. here goes. I've never:

1. Been to Europe
2. Gotten a tattoo
3. Skydived
4. Had stitches
5. Broken a bone
6. Sold something I've made
7. Seen a shooting star
8. Owned a bird
9. Driven cross country
10. Successfully juggled
11. Ridden a zip line
12. Run in an organized run/race
13. Danced a solo dance in public (but my living room has seen quite the show on a few occasions)
14. Lived more than 1 hour away from my parents
15. Watched a sun rise on purpose (like, got myself out of bed to go see the sun rise)
16. Been to New York City
17. Seen Gone With the Wind. Or Casablanca for that matter.
18. Donated blood
19. Seen Mt. Rushmore
20. Had major surgery
21. Had a hangover (though I have been drunk, so I suppose I'll just consider myself lucky)
22. Had a cup of black coffee
23. Had a daughter
24. Ridden in a horse drawn carriage
25. Entered a pie eating (or baking) contest
26. Seen Garth Brooks perform live
27. Parasailed
28. Read a book by Jane Austen (although I do believe I was supposed to in either High School or College. Totally didn't though)
29. Had a garden
30. Had hair extensions

Woo - there is a lot out there that I would love to do! Also, many things I'm grateful for never having experienced. Next up... 30 things I HAVE done!

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