Monday, July 2, 2012

Some Surprise Visitors

The other day I pulled into the driveway with the boys after doing a late afternoon "coffee donut" (Max's term for Starbucks) run and Ritchie had beat us home. He runs up to the car excitedly. He was giddy.

"Max, wanna see something?!"

This was what he had to show us:


Apparently when he got home there were two chickens from the neighbor's yard in our driveway and a cat was trying to eat them! So, my man rescued some chickens. Don't worry, we returned them. But, not before we had some fun.



Max stared and was in awe with our little visitors. Ben, on the other hand, was completely spooked. He was shaking so hard. They really freaked him out.

So, we put him in the excersaucer to observe from afar...

Haha! Poor Ben, he is not a lover of animals.

They are back at home safe and sound now. It was fun to have some cute little friends here, even if it was brief.

1 comment:

Melodee said...

how cute and what a fun thing to find, of course after saving them from the kitty:)

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