Saturday, April 28, 2012

April's Photo Favorites

Well, clearly I'm done for with P365. It was a good run, but I think far too ambitious. I'll attempt the 52 week project next year for sure. WAY easier to maintain one photo a week of each kid than one a day. I mean, come on, what was I thinking?


Anyway, I am still practicing a bunch with my camera and hope to continue seeing improvement! I'm going to start doing my favorite photos of the month in a post at the end of each month in place of P365.




We had a week long bubble kick and it was really enjoyable :)

Cheerios is a new favorite for both of the boys!

I love this hat! It doesn't quite fit him yet, but we'll get there.

Happy April everyone! I cannot believe it's almost May!

1 comment:

Mia Jaramillo-Salazar said...

I will miss your "daily" posts, but will look forward to the big monthly debut. Both of your boys are so cute, it seems that everyone is healthy these days, I'm glad that terrible sicky time is over! Diego can't wait for another play date! Ben is such a good sitter (and mover), but I think Diego will still be good company just laying there!

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