Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Max at 4 1/2

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Age four is really the best. I guess I feel that way about ALL of the ages and they each come with their advantages and disadvantages for sure, but for US, age 4 is where it's at.

Max has come into his own SO much recently. He stands up for himself and really seems to know what he wants. We used to think he might be a kid that could be easily swayed into doing what others around him were doing, but not anymore. He plays what he wants and encourages others to join him. If they won't, he just keeps doing what he wants. We've REALLY seen the leap over the past 6 months into playing WITH others as opposed to just playing NEAR others. We're so thrilled with his social growth over the past few months because he's always worried us a little with being shy or "a clinger" as I called him (not to his face, obviously).

One thing that hasn't changed is that he seems to be a kid that becomes super into something and then can leave almost everything else behind. Much to my sadness, he seems to have lost interest in music and traded it for an interest in bow and arrow shooting. He would like to have a "bow and arrow" (usually a hanger or a stick or a fishing pole toy that we have that becomes a bow) with him at all times. He likes to pretend to be Merida from the movie "Brave" and shoot bows and arrows like she does. He's also really into the ipad for his daily quiet time and plays "Temple Run" which is simply a running game. He collects coins and runs from monkeys or bears or whatever happens to be chasing him. He LOVES running for real also and goes on runs with Ritchie or just runs circles in our backyard. We're happy to see him enjoying something physical! Lastly, he's very into telling time right now as well. More digitally than anything, but he also harbors a strong curiosity for the clock and learning what the numbers stand for and when. I never realized what a tricky concept the clock is! He's wowing us with his memory and knowledge each day.

Oh, and puzzles! He also likes to do puzzles now!

While Max at 4 has become a tad "sassy" or "talks back" more than he ever used to, he's still pretty much the sweetest kid I know. He's much less into snuggles, so I take them when I can and soak them in. I think his love language is time. He wants to be by me a lot still and will talk my ear off (mostly about the ipad and Temple Run) It's exhausting, but I'm so grateful that he wants my attention and wants to share his interests with me.

He's so excited to meet his baby brother soon and we know he's going to be amazing because we've seen him be a brother to Bennett. Kind, calm and always wanting to help Ben learn, he's a better teacher than we are sometimes! I can't wait to see where the rest of this year takes Max. We just love that kid to bits.

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C said...

I love temple run! hehe. I could totally see why he would talk about it ;)

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