Friday, March 14, 2014

The Last Nursery

Back when we began the adoption process, I started planning a space for a little girl. It was all pinks and whites and golds. Once we found out that this darling babe was indeed another BOY we began to wonder what to do with our extra space. Adoption is tricky in that we weren't (still aren't!) sure of timing. We weren't sure if she'd be home when this baby was still young enough to be in our room... did we even need a nursery?

Anyway, long story... but basically when we moved to Washington we also found out that baby girl Lincoln probably wouldn't be home until closer to Finn's first birthday. And so we decided to give this little dude a nursery all his own. I think putting a space together for him helped me to bond a bit more. This is by far my favorite space I've created for the kids yet (and I really love the boys' room too, so that's saying a lot!) Here are a few pictures of the space!

 photo IMG_5022_zpsb01e4130.jpg

 photo IMG_5026_zps196e4c49.jpg

 photo IMG_5027_zps525a03c4.jpg

 photo IMG_5020_zps7ff1cff2.jpg

 photo IMG_5019_zpsa642b146.jpg

 photo IMG_5039_zpsb1cea62e.jpg

So much of the room is "repurposed". The crib was actually picked up for our daughter a long time ago used and for a steal! The dresser is from Max's nursery over 4 years ago now. The rocking chair was the one thing I bought after finding out I was pregnant. I wanted a comfy place to nurse at night that still was charming and had character.

Many of the little elements, like the gumball machine, book (another one is on the way!), goat stuffed animal, star, toys, chair pillow etc were all things we had lying around that I had used in other spaces. Even the fox canvas that I painted for him was a canvas left over from another project. I just had to buy a few colors of paint.

The bedding and crib pillows are Land of Nod. Same with the changing pad cover and floor basket. The curtains are ikea and Ritchie built the shelf and I painted it.

 photo IMG_5043_zps74d785c3.jpg

 photo IMG_5045_zps4510bd6d.jpg

 photo IMG_5037_zps6123794a.jpg

 photo IMG_5024_zpsa1bcaa0c.jpg

And, while this little guy might have his own space, I'm sure he'll never be alone....

 photo IMG_5033_zps55e78b36.jpg

 photo IMG_5048_zpsac6ff4a6.jpg

His brothers like to hang out in there, so he'll always have company :)

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