Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hello, Due Date

Well, hello, due date. It's not surprising that you're here and that I shall remain pregnant past you. That's cool, I didn't want a baby born on the 13th anyway...

 photo IMG_5180_zpsda46fa9a.jpg

40 weeks have come and gone. We're all anxiously awaiting this little bundle's arrival. This pregnancy has felt so... different than the others. Nausea, acne, heartburn and acid reflux, etc. The works! I've tried really hard to enjoy this last pregnancy of mine.

 photo IMG_5216_zps407f77ca.jpg

Every wiggle, every hiccup. I'm savoring them. Especially the last few days (weeks??) of them. This pregnancy has been more challenging to enjoy with two littles running around, adoption paperwork to keep up on and a move across several states in the third trimester. Slowing down these past few weeks and trying to really enjoy being pregnant has been really good for me.

 photo IMG_5193_zps4270c30d.jpg

But, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't ready. Ready for my last infant. Ready to snuggle and nurse and swaddle and swoon. Ready for my boys to meet their brother. Ready to get to know the littlest Lincoln.

 photo IMG_5209_zps5a594a1b.jpg

So, we're ready for you, sweet boy. Ready when you are.

And, a few bonus pictures that Max took. Because they're really funny.

 photo IMG_5219_zps84018f47.jpg

 photo IMG_5230_zps2f7024a0.jpg

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