Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bennett at 2 and a Half

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I haven't done any updates on the kids in SO long and I actually use this blog as a reference for their development or happenings for their yearly books often, so it's TIME! 

Bennett is 2 and a half years old. He's such a love. 


  • Thomas the Train
  • Watching anything on television 
  • Eating! He's such a great eater and will munch on anything from spinach leaves to cupcakes. 
  • Building train tracks with people and then hogging all of the trains 
  • Running
  • Pretending to be animals. Top choices are bears, dinosaurs, kitties and froggies. 
  • Books! Favorites are The Hungry Caterpillar, A Crack in the Track, The Color Book and Good Morning, Good Night. 
  • Asking the same question over and over and over... 
  • Mimicking his big brother 
  • His lunchbox

  • Being told TV time is over 
  • Sleeping in. He prefers to be up before the sun. 
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • The word, "No" (when we say it) 
  • Going to preschool (or at least being dropped off there...) 
  • Sharing 
  • Sitting on the potty... or anyone even mentioning he sit on the potty. 
He's actually a pretty easy going kid. He throws his fits, he gives out hugs, he touches your arm when he talks to you. He's 2. There's something so refreshing about doing the twos a second time around because it's much less stressful. I know he won't always struggle to get his point across. I know he'll eventually use the toilet. I know that both the joys and the trials and tribulations of this phase will end all too soon. He's charming and loving and freaking adorable. I can't wait to watch him become the big brother. I think he'll be really good at it. 

Bennett, you are SO loved. 

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