Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January's Goal and a Home Tour!

In January, my goal was to get this house of ours organized! I did a pretty good job. Closets? Check. Fridge? Check. Pantry? Check. The only things I didn't get to (yet) was our filing cabinet and our basement. Both pretty large tasks that I'm hoping to tackle REALLY soon.

So, while I had my house all clean and (mostly) organized, I thought I'd give you a little tour.

By the way, these pics are AWFUL. I don't have the right lens to adequately capture these spaces and I was taking pictures in poor lighting.

Enjoy! ;)

When you walk into the front door (which we never use), this is what you see on the wall:

 photo DSC_0067-4_zpse8c81f0c.jpg
My collage of photos that I'm trying to expand. And the kid's kitchen/imaginative play area.

To your left in the space is the open play area.
 photo DSC_0062-6_zps47d30bf7.jpg

This is the view when I'm standing in the play area.
 photo DSC_0063-4_zps82b09e55.jpg

This is the view from the tiny hall leading into the kitchen/living/dining rooms.
 photo DSC_0064-7_zps6fa7c054.jpg

In that tiny hallway are the paintings my brother made us for Christmas! Love those!
 photo DSC_0070-3_zps51170824.jpg

As you keep walking into the house you pass a cutout with the pantry and our Christmas card hanger and bathroom.
 photo DSC_0072-2_zps78f3bd82.jpg

And, of course, our menu.
 photo DSC_0071-2_zps5598748b.jpg

And the kitchen would be to your left.
 photo DSC_0054-2_zpsaff7c0d1.jpg

 photo DSC_0055-1_zpse0ffb652.jpg

From the kitchen you can see into the living room.
 photo DSC_0049-4_zps4c1510c6.jpg

 photo DSC_0050-3_zpsb90dd2f7.jpg

This is the view of the living room from the dining room.
 photo DSC_0048-4_zps418929fe.jpg

 photo DSC_0047-6_zpsf8678bf9.jpg

 photo DSC_0045-4_zps0d1fef08.jpg

And the view of the dining room from the living room.
 photo DSC_0059-3_zpsc5635824.jpg

 photo DSC_0058-5_zpse0ad0edc.jpg

 photo DSC_0060-3_zps5200de1a.jpg

I spared you the stairway. I'll also spare you all the bathrooms. Think toilet, sink and shower/tub and you've got the idea.

So, just FYI. The boys' rooms are totally boring and not at all what I'd like them to be. I will eventually put them into one room with bunkbeds and redecorate the whole space. For now, they have simple and very plain rooms. They ONLY sleep there, so it's cool, I guess.

Maxton's room:

As you enter....
 photo DSC_0028-2_zps74eb2fc5.jpg

To your left upon entering.
 photo DSC_0030-4_zpsd75fb65b.jpg

 photo DSC_0035-3_zps7bb67995.jpg

Just some details...
 photo DSC_0036-4_zps2e4e5b85.jpg

 photo DSC_0037-3_zpsd1df7bd1.jpg

 photo DSC_0038-1_zpsdefeedfa.jpg

Bennett's Room:

As you enter:
 photo DSC_0014-1_zpsc987bbd0.jpg

 photo DSC_0013-4_zps049e2642.jpg

 photo DSC_0016-6_zpsf602555e.jpg

 photo DSC_0017-5_zps69fb6429.jpg

Why, yes we have a janky half decorated space above Ben's bed. No, I don't plan to finish it.
 photo DSC_0021-1_zps63df576a.jpg

My favorite part of the room, the Apple posters.
 photo DSC_0026-4_zps5887f355.jpg

Our room:

As you enter...
 photo DSC_0003-2_zps08872c91.jpg

Standing back by the nightstands.
 photo DSC_0006-5_zpsa04457ca.jpg

Standing by the bathroom door.
 photo DSC_0008-2_zps2896c432.jpg

Standing by the windows
 photo DSC_0009-4_zps5b67b84b.jpg

Those shelves will eventually house even MORE photos of us. All black and white. I just need to bite the bullet and buy frames. I also need window coverings of some sort. All in good time.
 photo DSC_0010-5_zps66c3e7cd.jpg

That's it!! Welcome to Casa de Lincoln. It's NEVER this clean.


B&S Photography said...
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Sarah Lawson said...

Holy crap, your house is so tidy! Its adorable.

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