Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Day of Thanks in Pictures

Today was everything that Thanksgiving should be. Words fail me right now as I'm in my tryptophan turkey coma. I'll leave you with some pictures that capture our beautiful day and a brief captions because that's all I can manage tonight. I'll be back tomorrow with a more detailed summary of my many thanks as well as pictures from Christmas tree cutting!!

My day started with a heavenly dutch baby. Yummm.
We bundled up and headed to the park for a long walk and some play time.
Someone's got some new kicks!
The trail was just breathtaking today. We are so lucky to have this right down the street. Oh, and who says California doesn't have seasons? Hello, gorgeous fall colors!

A hilarious series of Maxton enjoying his favorite activity at the park, the slide.

At the end he just lies there like a slug, like he's so overwhelmed
by the fun that he just can't move.

Another series that shows off someone's newest skill ;)

Yup, he's mastered getting up all by himself!
Grandma Rieger and Uncle Andrew cooking away in the kitchen.

Max all gussied up playing happily.

Gracie taking a turkey day snooze.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Lincolns!

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