Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Kickoff to the Holiday Season!

The weekend after Thanksgiving always marks the kickoff to the holiday season. We celebrate this kickoff with our annual Christmas tree cutting event. This is a favorite in our household.

Andrew donning a festive hat for the activities.
Soon all the boys joined in the hat fun.
Papa, those aren't for playing with.
It was such a gorgeous day. A bit chilly (which we enjoyed), but perfectly clear skies and sunny. Soon after arriving (and after a bit of goofing around - which you saw in the above pictures) we began the hunt for the perfect tree.

Of course we stopped for a few pictures in a gorgeous little clearing.
Then we scouted out and found the perfect little Charlie Brown tree. Our own Lincoln tradition.
Ritchie's a skilled lumberjack.
Max was very excited about having found the perfect tree.
Very, very excited.
The whole gang enjoying a final picture before going home to dress
the tree with twinkling lights and sacred ornaments.

It was, as always, a fabulous kickoff.

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