Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just Cause I Was Called A Tease...

..and because this project is shaping up to take longer than I thought it would so I'd like to document the process a bit.

So if you look at my previous post you'll notice where the furniture is arranged, etc... We kept the paint colors the same (the room is massive and difficult to paint. Plus, we like the colors!) but rearranged the furniture so that it now looks like this:

We mounted the TV and put the canvas over the dresser. The dresser needs more dressing up and that whole wall in general needs more color to it. I do like the beige, but I've always searched for a way to add some color to it. So that's part of the redo plan is to spruce up that area some.
The bed is now in-between the sliding door and the window. We'll keep the same bedding but we are in need of some throw pillows.
Ugh. The purple lamp shades. I got those lamps at a garage sale for $10 for the pair and we've had them (purple shades and all) for 7 years. The shades are either going or getting a facelift somehow. Also, we have some decor for the nightstands that need to be brought up fro the garage since the room was cleared out for carpet installation.
Okay now come to the part of the room that REALLY needs some attention. Again, most of the decor is actually in the garage, but I wanted to give you the bare bones view of the room and show off the new carpet and baseboard! Ooohh!! Ahhhh!! Okay, so here we have a bookshelf. We have some baskets and books and such but the top has nothing. I have some ideas for bringing in some of the bed colors over there. Above the bookshelf is where the project involving some actual artwork that is NOT photos of us (gasp!) is going to go. Ritchie broke me down, but I do LOVE what's going there and I'm hoping the mounting technique will work and look the way I've been picturing. There's also a project for above the desk that I'm wanting to do, but I need to do some garage sale-ing to try and find the materials for it. That one may take awhile. Ignore the toys on the floor. Little man plays there and we usually pick the toys up and put them in baskets on the bookshelf. I love that area for him to play while I clean (or lounge on my bed - let's be real). Also, this picture gives you a great view of the carpet and baseboard! The carpet photographs a bit darker than it actually is. It's a nice shade of gray. and goes with everything! We are loving it!

There's the enormous sliding glass door that we've never quite known what to do with. Right now it has some bamboo shades, but if you notice they are not wide enough to cover the window. Special, right? haha! They actually go too high up to put our old curtains up on the outside of the bamboo so I have another project in mind to make them work. All of these projects!! See why I was saying it's going to be awhile?? I'll show you each as they progress.

So that's it! Stay tuned as we bring in the decor, complete the (what? 4?) projects and make it the cozy space that I'm hoping it can be!


Patrick and Kimberly Gillette said...

That's better, thanks!

the hamms said...

Thank you for the bigger pictures

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