Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So I've come across this amazing blog:


Not only can she write beautifully, but her pictures tell their own stories. Reading her blog has inspired me to practice more photography. Especially photography of Max, my all time favorite subject.

And what a good subject he was tonight!
The light behind this fire hydrant was amazing!
Check out that blue bike and how there just happens to be a wider gap in the fence right in front of it! What luck!

What I came to realize lately was that having a great picture taken is one thing, but enhancing the image using photoshop is a whole different thing! It took may pictures from good to great tonight!
After! A little warmer and higher color saturation.
And AFTER! Higher contrast, more light and warmth, and it's sharper now.
Ritchie bought an external flash today so we can continue to improve our technique with light. I am so excited to have this new found inspiration and to continue improving on my photography skills. Please give Mrs. Hampton's blog a read. She's amazing and will undoubtedly inspire you with more than just photography. Happy reading!


Geoff and McCaulie said...

Wow, photoshop really does make a huge difference!! I have it but it's still a little foreign to me. Did you take a class or sis you just play around??

The Lincolns said...

I just played around - I said photoshop because it's the easiest thing to say, but really it was iphoto's adjustment setting. It was very intuitive and fun to play with!

Miss Erin said...

Your potos of maxton are amazing. I love taking pictures of kids. What camera do you use?

The Lincolns said...

Erin - I have a Nikon D60 that we use. Thanks!

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