Sunday, December 27, 2009

3 Months

Maxton reached the ripe old age of 3 months on Christmas Eve! He has had an exciting end to his month as he reached a few very exciting milestones! He weighed in this week at 15 pounds 3 oz - so he's a healthy boy! He'll be needing to be moved out of his bassinet soon and into his crib! We have yet to determine whether the crib will come in our room or stay in his. I'm having a bit of difficulty letting go.

This month Max has begun laughing. His short little chuckles are so contagious and leave us desperately trying every trick in our books to hear more!

In addition to laughter, Max has also begun chattering away. Everyone says that's not surprising given who his mother is. The biggest news of the month is his ROLLING OVER! Ritchie witnessed this when he was entertaining Max while I made fudge. Max was in his tummy time (which he hates) and he straightened one arm and just rolled right over it! That happened on Tuesday December 22. It hasn't happened since, but we're definitely putting him on his tummy more to encourage this neat new trick!

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the hamms said...

Does that mean that you are going back to work soon?

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