Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ritchieisms Volume 2

Heard round our house lately:

(As Max plays with the pumping equipment)
Ritchie: "Max, boobies are made for feeding milk to babies. Unless they aren't lactating. Then, they're just for fun."

Me: "Oh, crap! I missed the end of that movie I was watching!"
Ritchie: "The Christmas one?"
Me: "Yeah, I wanted to see how it ended."
Ritchie: "Oh, everything turns out okay."

(After returning home from the store with instructions to get some very specific ice cream and returning home with two entirely different ones because the store didn't have either of them)
Ritchie: Which one of these sub-par ice creams would you like?

(While discussing Santa and how we would explain it to our children.)
Me: We'll say Santa represents magic and hope and generosity and that one day they'll be able to pass on belief in all of those principles to their children.
Ritchie: But, Santa represents Coke.

(While looking at stock photo captions and laughing)
Richie: If I were a girl, I would totally pin this.

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Patrick and Kimberly Gillette said...

He's a funny one, that husband of yours!

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