Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kitchen Reveal Part 1

I say part one because there's still a bit more to do, but that won't be done for awhile so until then... here's the NEW(ish) kitchen! 

First let's look at what we were dealing with just 3 short weeks ago... 

 photo IMG_4857_zpsae593997.jpg

 photo IMG_4845_zpsdfcad114.jpg

 photo IMG_4843_zpsb491af46.jpg

Here is what the kitchen looks like today: 

 photo IMG_2696_zpshzgbh9ez.jpg

 photo IMG_2693_zpsmxl7boxc.jpg

 photo IMG_2689_zps9jjsapcj.jpg

 photo IMG_2687_zpsxrorxjnc.jpg

 photo IMG_2686_zpsasce5g3d.jpg

 photo IMG_2683_zpseofprjjp.jpg

 photo IMG_2681_zpsezv6dvlp.jpg

 photo IMG_2679_zpsarux3oup.jpg

 photo IMG_2678_zps7ajt0n0v.jpg

 photo IMG_2675_zpsrxuwvqmm.jpg

 photo IMG_2696_zpshzgbh9ez.jpg

First I tackled painting everything white. Then we did the ardex countertops on the main sink/prep area. Next we tackled the buffet area. Lastly, we hired someone to do the subway tile and Ritchie put on the hardware. The whole process took about 3.5 weeks and we still have a few things left to do. We need to replace the island countertops with butcher block, get different dining chairs and hang a bamboo shade for the window. 

The transformation is HUGE in this space. I can't even believe that a month ago the kitchen was an ugly oak kitchen with blue laminate counters. I'm thrilled with the change and the kitchen is definitely my favorite room in the house now! 

1 comment:

DanaeNae said...

Jamie it seriously looks SO GOOD. Wow. It looks like you had Property Brothers redo this thing! Kudos to you and the Rich man!

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