Friday, December 13, 2013

Fall Happenings

It's technically still fall until Dec 20th, yes? Go with it. I know we're all trees and hot cocoa in blog land right now, but what can I say? I'm behind.

Here is what our fall looked like.

 photo IMG_3923_zpsa74ff3b7.jpg

 photo IMG_4041_zps8046e360.jpg

 photo IMG_4018_zpsce0b23de.jpg

 photo IMG_3975_zps0ca5584f.jpg

 photo IMG_4044_zps35912a51.jpg

Max and Ben each picked a little pumpkin at a small trip to the local pumpkin patch, but I asked them to pick a pumpkin for Finnley and our adopted daughter, too. Max picked the tiniest one for Finn and that green one for P. It sort of blew me away that he chose one that looked so different from the others for our Chinese family member. Unique and special. It was his favorite pumpkin over all the others. Max and P will have a special bond, I think.

 photo IMG_4066_zps50b3f968.jpg

 photo IMG_4048_zps0f6ff736.jpg
They hold hands a lot. It makes me happy.

I took the boys on a very cold nature walk. They really loved choosing items and loading them into a bag. We never even did anything with them, just collected things. That was enough.

 photo IMG_4648_zpsd9b7c946.jpg

 photo IMG_4656_zps928d57e1.jpg

 photo IMG_4672_zpsabc5a2e0.jpg

 photo IMG_4657_zps48cdc8b7.jpg

And a trip to a big pumpkin patch about an hour away.

 photo IMG_4716_zpsa97bc73b.jpg

 photo IMG_4702_zpsc30836c3.jpg

 photo IMG_4787_zpsf42f2175.jpg

 photo IMG_4724_zpse888caf7.jpg

 photo IMG_4741_zps48fe5879.jpg

And near freezing kite flying.. this really is Colorado in the fall. 70s one day, 20s the next.

 photo IMG_7270_zps2e7dfd56.jpg

 photo IMG_7284_zpsa03cca73.jpg

 photo IMG_7302_zpsc3cc1c41.jpg

 photo IMG_7326_zps2416a84c.jpg

And then leaf piles on a beautiful day.

 photo IMG_8500_zps87c861f5.jpg

 photo IMG_8559_zps7126ad2a.jpg

 It really was an awesome fall for us. Despite weeks and weeks of sickness for my family. Many days cooped up, frustration, rising tempers, no naps, etc... This is why I blog. So I can look back and remember amidst some really stressful times that life is, indeed, good. And not in a "look at everything we have!!" sort of way, either. It's pumpkin patches and green pumpkins chosen for family members we haven't met. It's leaf piles and kites and seeing the big smiles on the faces of my most precious boys.

Sigh. I needed this tonight.

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