Sunday, September 22, 2013

Maxton's Rockin' Fourth Birthday Party

My Max turns 4 on Tuesday and guitars and music are amongst his favorite things in the whole universe. His ONE request for his birthday party was "lots of big purple guitars" So, naturally, we decided to have a rock star party decked in purple and with lots of big guitars. Here's a peek:

 photo IMG_2369_zps895eea12.jpg

 photo IMG_2225_zpsfa3ea187.jpg

 photo IMG_2227_zpsfa496db1.jpg

 photo IMG_2231_zps2d9e4bd9.jpg

 photo IMG_2219_zpsd8414cbd.jpg

 photo IMG_2220_zps1767f39a.jpg

 photo IMG_2224_zpsdc48ddeb.jpg

 photo IMG_2247_zps76f6f7cf.jpg

 photo IMG_2240_zpsb34ee7df.jpg

 photo IMG_2370_zpsd1a36fc8.jpg

 photo IMG_2256_zps9572480b.jpg

 photo IMG_2304_zps79d38eab.jpg

 photo IMG_2292_zps06056959.jpg

 photo IMG_2323_zps6cc54b60.jpg

 photo IMG_2361_zps1992f08d.jpg

 photo IMG_2345_zpsa502eba9.jpg
This one cracks me up. My mom got him the keyboard and it came with headphones (yes!) and he is SO serious when he has them on. Playing music is clearly serious business.

 photo IMG_2340_zpsf45bb8c3.jpg
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our sweetest little guy.

P.S. It looks like nobody was at our party. It was actually quite a full house (almost 30 in our small townhome! We pretended it was a crowded backstage) but I don't know most of his classmates and their families well enough to post a bunch of pictures of them. So, that's that. Why I felt I had to explain that, I'm not sure. I guess because it looks like we just partied with just the 4 of us - haha! 

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McCaulie said...

I don't have words to express how cool this birthday is and how cute the boys are!! Love!!

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