Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bennett is 2

Our sweet B turned 2 today. I know, I'm supposed to say, "I can't believe it!" But, I guess I sort of can. I honestly can't even remember life without him in our family. He was meant for us. He's stubborn, yet sweet. Rambunctious, yet snuggly. Strong willed, yet generous. He's just two-year-old perfection.

On Saturday we had a party for him at the pool:

 photo IMG_0587_zps5e0b7193.jpg

 photo IMG_0590_zps34d3856d.jpg

 photo IMG_0644_zps6fdc1dee.jpg

The party basically consisted of Ben double fisting various sweets.

 photo IMG_0695_zps90fbd943.jpg

 photo IMG_0592_zps2fd5fedf.jpg

He really loved when people sang him "Happy Birthday"

 photo IMG_0678_zps8eb0dd7b.jpg

 photo IMG_0665_zps0c893f4b.jpg

It was a hit!

 photo IMG_0603_zps738ba772.jpg

 photo IMG_0637_zpsc4680147.jpg

Today being his actual birthday we decided to take him to a petting zoo and little park and train ride. All of his favorite things!

 photo IMG_0716_zps93bddfc4.jpg

 photo IMG_0720_zpsaae15370.jpg

Then home for presents and dinner and cake.

 photo IMG_0724_zps4e1aee87.jpg

 photo IMG_0739_zps57f7f210.jpg

 photo IMG_0749_zps4fb98c93.jpg

 photo IMG_0753_zps5599f3cd.jpg

While the evening and day look all fine and dandy, it was actual rather terrible. I don't know what's up with Ben, but he's feverish and not feeling well and right before cake, he barfed. So, he didn't eat cake (obv) and went to bed early. Poor guy! It was a rough day to get through, but this past year has been more than enjoyable. He's truly a ray of sunshine in our family, bringing happiness to every day.

Happy Birthday, my sweet, sweet Bennett. Mommy, daddy and Max love you SO much. I cannot wait to watch you become a big brother this year. Remember, no matter how many kids are in this family that YOU have a very special place in my heart. My B. I love you!

 photo IMG_0796_zpscccd427d.jpg

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