Monday, May 13, 2013

Right Now

There's so much about right now that I don't want to forget. Things that drive me crazy, make me smile, and warm my heart.

 photo DSC_0408-4_zps591de2a9.jpg
Max. On his tricycle. With his Thomas sunglasses and long sticky hair. Yes, I said sticky. His hair is actually sticky, but we're growing it out so we're going with it. He rides his trike all the time now.

 photo DSC_0414-1_zpsb851d0ac.jpg

 photo DSC_0426_zpsb1bf05c6.jpg
He also wants to do everything by himself. Including putting on his sunglasses, which is why they're worn like this.

 photo DSC_0442_zps07955dad.jpg
And no socks for him. He prefers bare feet, but when I demand shoes, he refuses socks. He now sports a little blister on his heel and hobbles around but still will not. wear. socks.

 photo DSC_0428_zps9a44b102.jpg
And this one? Always with his horsie. Always wanting what his brother has (ahem, the Thomas sunglasses?). Always wanting his binky. Always with a filthy face.

 photo DSC_0435_zps10cb372c.jpg
And always wanting a freshly picked flower. The yellow ones.

These two. Together?

 photo DSC_0464-2_zpsd6b75243.jpg

 photo DSC_0469_zpsdb60d2bf.jpg

Well, my heart just explodes.

 photo DSC_0476_zpsc364adde.jpg
And then, Max torments Ben in some way (or vice versa) and I sigh and breathe deep and remember to hold tight to these precious memories. The ones that will soon be too distant. The ones that are forming their little childhoods. The ones I hope they'll remember with a smile.

I know I will.

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