Saturday, August 27, 2011

What 41 Weeks Pregnant Looks Like


It looks HUGE. It feels uncomfortable and slower than molasses. I'm trying very hard to hang in there, but each day I feel more and more like a ticking time bomb.

There are several things that I'm grateful for during this time, so let's start there. I'm SO happy that I'm able to still walk. I've been walking about 2 and 1/4 mile each morning to try to get some contractions going. It feels fantastic to still be able to be so active this late in the game. I was even passing people on the trail this morning! And, no - they weren't senior citizens, thank you very much. I am also savoring this time with just Ritchie and Max. Ritchie is officially home from work and I've never needed his help more. The three of us hang out all day and we try to make each afternoon something fun for Max just in case it's the last afternoon with our little family of three. And, lastly, as hard as it is being pregnant right now and feeling so very "when the HELL is he going to come out?!" I'm very relieved that I'm working with a midwife. Someone who knows that my baby is perfect in there and is just waiting for the right time for him to make his entrance into this world. I loved (and I mean LOVED) by OB from Max's pregnancy and leaving her to pursue a home birth was a difficult decision, but I would have surely been induced by now. I cannot wait for that "this is it!" moment of labor starting and knowing that my little boy chose his own birthday. There is something so sacred in that for me and that fact alone keeps me going every day.

So, other than feeling like I might split in two at any given moment, I guess I'm just finding some peace in life right now. Sure, I get anxious. Yes, I want him to come now and if labor started right as I hit "publish post" I'd feel like the happiest woman on Earth. But, overall, I've reached a pretty great place in this pregnancy. It really can't be too much longer and I'm SO excited to uncover his story. We can't wait to welcome you to the world, Bennett. To the world and to our family. We're ready for you, baby - whenever you're ready!

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Jessica said...

Now that it is over I will post what I thought when I first read this...that is not nearly as big as I was with Isaiah and I only went one day over with him. I'm so happy that everything went the way you wanted!

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