Friday, August 27, 2010

11 Months

Here we go! Last month of his first year of life. It's surreal and emotional and thrilling all at once. This past month was full of wonderful accomplishments and so many of the exciting things we'd been looking forward to!

I would say with confidence that Max is one mobile fellow now. At the beginning of this month he started consistently crawling on all fours (before it was more of an army crawl) but by the end of the month he was in the major leagues of crawling. He's fast, he's accurate, he could be the MVC. Most. Valuable. Crawler. He's that good. He does stand on his own occasionally, but this is solely by accident and once he realizes he's not holding onto something he kind of freaks and grabs the nearest object that could support him. I think he may be one of those after-one-year-walkers and I'm just fine with that. It keeps him one step further from toddler hood for this mommy who's not quite ready yet.

Some strong opinions were developed this month for Max regarding vegetables. He pretty much hates them. He's taken to hiding them in his highchair seat so that his tray is cleared in the hopes of getting something more appetizing to eat. We've caught him sneaking the veggie up to his mouth, licking it, giving a look that can only be described at pure disgust, and then looking at us as he stuffs it into his seat. We're working on it. He still seems to enjoy peas and pureed veggies, but long gone is his love for green beans, zucchini, squash, and carrot. So sad. He's a fruit monster though and will promptly devour any fruit you put in his reach.

Lastly, Maxton started giving high fives, clapping, giving kisses, and waving hello! Such an exciting month! All of these are so cute and we're always encouraging more of them. He also found his tongue this month and holds it all the time. He's slightly obsessed. We're not worried... yet. Just joking, of course. With his tongue he also makes a clicking noise and blows raspberries now. Did I mention just how adorable we think this kid is? We NEVER have one day pass where we don't laugh with him, marvel at him, and talk at length about just how lucky we are and how much we love him.

Here's some pictures of our little cutie at 11 months. He's changing into such a little boy right before our eyes. Slow down, Max. Stay a baby just a bit longer.

Always so happy. He lights up our lives.
He's full of new expressions and very curious.

Here are some of his newest faces. This kid cracks us up!

We love you Maxton! Each day with you is an adventure! In one month I'll be posting pictures from your big party and telling all about this last month of your first year of life. Let's enjoy every moment like we always do.

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