Monday, August 2, 2010

10 months

A little late (again) on the monthly update, but I guess better late than never!

I honestly don't even know where to begin this month! First off, Max became VERY, VERY mobile this last month. He went from army crawling on his belly to crawling on all fours inconsistently. He still mostly army crawls but he is FAST. He often beats us places now and finds that very exciting! haha!

The theme of the month seemed to be games. Max has learned many fun new games, including nose-diving off of the bed (knowing full well someone will catch him) and laughing hysterically. He also likes to hold something out above the air from up high (like our arms or a high chair) and laugh while we hold our hands out to catch it. He moves the object back and forth and gets a kick out of us "chasing" the object with our hands so it doesn't drop. He must think we're idiots. And of course we laugh right along with him, and then feel sorry later because we're probably creating a monster.

On a more positive behavioral note, Maxton has learned how to share. He loves to share his binky with mom and dad, and his food with Gracie. We always give him his binky back, but he's not usually as lucky with Gracie.

He's a whole different kid now that he's mobile. He loves to explore and cruise the furniture. He's not into his toys as much as the dog bowls, dog door, coke cans, shoes, coasters, dvds... well, you get the idea. Basically, he wants anything he's not really supposed to have.

This is Max's new silly face. He smiles this new, scrunchy nose, squinty eyed smile and then we know he's REALLY happy with life.
Still just the two bottom teeth. But, oh, how cute they are... peekin' out of that lovable grin.

To put it simply, he's adorable and amazing and we couldn't love him more. 10 months is, without a doubt, the BEST.

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