Friday, April 23, 2010

Ritchie's 27th Birthday

Ritchie celebrated his 27th birthday this week and I just wanted to say what an awesome husband I have. Ritchie could not be a better person to journey through this life with. He makes me laugh, listens to my (many) concerns (about everything), and I couldn't think of a better man to father my children. Watching the way he loves Max has taken my feelings for him to a whole new level, a level I never thought possible. With each passing year I love him more.

Ritchie has so much to celebrate this year! It's his first birthday as a father, he just got a promotion at work and will finally be doing something he's excited about, and in 5 weeks he's officially done with his degree! That's right, people. Ritchie manages to not only work 9-5, but he completes school work from home in the evenings (often acing classes), takes care of all of Max's nightly bedtime dinner and bath routines, makes home improvements and cleans and makes dinner, AND he manages to find time to still blow me away with romantic gestures and tenderness. He is the man who will cross the room to sit on the same couch as me and rub MY feet as if he didn't have the busiest day and isn't exhausted.

And to top it all off: he's gorgeous.

So to my husband, the love of my life - Happy Birthday! Thank you for everything that you do for our family. Our life is RITCHer with you in it :)

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Mr and Mrs Mari said...

OMG, that is THE most romantic thing I have ever read. Oh how I love LOVE. Bless you two with many more years of happiness and bliss.

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