Sunday, March 21, 2010

We've Come a Long Way

Ritchie gives the nightly bath to Max and lately I've been overhearing WAY too much fun going on in there! Tonight I decided to pop in and see what all the laughter was about. It was too cute to pass up taking pictures of! Ritchie rubs the washcloth and soap together and says, "Lather, lather, lather..." and Max just dies! It's pretty precious!

Ritchie also telsl Max weird jokes that he doesn't get...
But eventually he comes around and has a blast! He also loves it when Ritchie throws the washcloth on his belly. Go figure!
Perhaps you recall 6 short months ago when Max was in bath hell....

Now it's all smiles and laughs as bath time has become a highlight of our day!
Here's a video capturing the fun:

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