Monday, February 8, 2010

Fun in Washington

Since we've decided to forgive our dear friends Kim and Pat for taking their adorable son, Quinn and moving to WA on us, we were able to go and visit them!! It was so fun to see our favorite family in one of our favorite cities!

We had a great time seeing Lake Washington and visiting Kirkland, a city we really love! When Ritchie and I visited WA three years ago we found this town and fell in love with it, so it was really fun to know that Kim and Pat were so close and now we have an even better reason to frequent it!

Another city in Washington I just adore is Seattle. I love Pike's Place Market and can't wait to go back to do some of the other really great areas that Kim showed us while there. The Ballard Locks and Greenlake especially!! We'll hope for better weather the next time we're there to be able to do those things. In the meantime, we enjoyed Pike's Place as always!

When we weren't exploring we were hanging out at Casa de Gillette! Max loved Quinn's toys and Quinn himself! He had a great week with his good friend and I'm so looking forward to the day when their measly three month age difference doesn't feel so HUGE in terms of development and they can actually play together. I have a feeling those boys will have a ton of fun getting into trouble together!

It's so hard to get pics of the boys together... we do have a video though!

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