Saturday, February 27, 2010

5 months

Maxton is officially 5 months old! He's just such a joy to watch as he makes huge changes! His growing has finally slowed to a somewhat normal pace and as he reached 5 months he weighed in at 18 pounds and 13 ounces. He's still being breastfed, but we have introduced Rice Cereal throughout this past month. He enjoys it, but likes playing with the toy on the highchair more than eating right now!

Some of his favorite new things are:
  • Sitting up - he began this month with this new trick and it's only improved since then! Before long he'll just be sitting there, unassisted, playing away.
  • Eating EVERYTHING - if he could put US in his mouth, he would. He tries very hard actually, and it's really charming and cute!
  • Putting his bink in himself - this trick we LOVE! He likes to take his bink out, put it down, and then try his darndest to put it back in correctly. He can even tell if he has picked it up incorrectly and will put it back down and try again. He's getting really good at it! Now if only he had that same ambition in the middle of the night :)
  • Gracie - He just LOVES his puppy! All of our talk of getting rid of her is just out the door now because he would never forgive us. Seeing them together has renewed my love for her and made my love for Max grow as he becomes a lover of animals.
Here is a picture of our sitting little man at 5 months old:

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