Thursday, July 3, 2014

Crosby at 3 Months Old

I can't believe I haven't updated this blog in so long! Oh, wait.. I actually can believe it because I'm basically drowning in children.

Nevertheless, Crosby is a precious, treasured part of the Lincoln's Life and therefore he needs to be documented! What a sweet, sweet baby he is! He's typically mellow and smiles easily. He likes to observe the world around him and is very tuned into sounds specifically. He has a ticklish spot right under his chin(s) and will give belly laughs every time you kiss him there. He also LOVES to be sung to and the one he smiles the most for is "Forever Young". I can't sing it to him without tearing up. This baby boy makes me incredibly emotional.

Just some facts for me to remember later: At 3 months, he's a little over 14 pounds and has gained about 1/2 a pound per week consistently. He's really long, too - but I can't remember that number right now. He's a big kid, just like his brothers. He's getting all sorts of little rolls and is wearing 3-6 month clothing but I fear we'll be out of those in no time. He wakes up several times in the evening. 3-5 times maybe? Honestly, I've stopped looking at the clock. I just nurse him and hand him off to Ritchie who rocks him some and then puts him back in the rock and play sleeper where he currently sleeps. It's working. We're tired, but that's how this phase goes so I'm not terribly worried about it. He had his heart checked at 2 months and it was looking the same, which was good news. We'll have it checked again at 4 months. If he continues not to make any changes through the first year then we can begin monitoring him less and less. He'll eventually need to do SOMETHING about his aortic valve, but when is still a huge unknown.

What else??

Maybe some pictures? Ugh, and so sorry for the small, crummy pics. My computer is KILLING me right now and not letting me resize the files. So you get the lovely blogger resizing. Blah.

0-1 month old:

1-2 months:

2-3 months:

And right at 3 months old. These pictures kill me, they're so very him right now. Rocking the tummy time, sucking his bottom lip, looking at me like I'm weird. 

And, proof that he does, indeed smile like I said... 

He just won't do it when the camera's in his face. I have to hold it elsewhere which is why I only caught part of him. I still love it. He's the best. 

Crosby, 3 months with you and we feel like you've been here forever. You have all of our hearts. Your brothers adore you and Daddy and I marvel at you every day. You are the perfect fit in our family and in our hearts. Smooooch! 

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