Sunday, July 11, 2010

Who are you, and WHAT have you done with my baby?

Max used to be quiet and contemplative. He was snuggly and still very dependent. But, that is not the Max that we have been replaced with. The new Max (as of the past 3 days) is a wild man. He's gotten faster at army crawling and can get into a bit of trouble if you're not watching closely enough. This took all of 2 minutes while I snapped a few pictures in our bedroom.
His new mischievous smile.
This is pretty much all that we see of him these days.
He laughs hysterically while crawling towards whatever he's not supposed to be getting into.

He has also learned a wonderful new game. Anytime he's on the bed or the couch he quickly shoots over to the edge and tries to launch himself off. It's very entertaining for him. Frightening for mom, but loads of fun for our new daredevil.

Yikes, almost lost him for a minute there. Honestly, it's SO much fun to see him so happy and enjoying his new found freedom. I can't wait to see how this little personality of his continues to develop.

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